The Cambrian is a geologic period in which there was a sudden appearance of life forms, unprecedented in their number and complexity. This phenomenon is called the Cambrian Explosion or the "Biological Big-Bang". While recent scientific discoveries indicate that this phenomenon was slower than initially thought, it is still accepted that the emergence of life forms at that time was much greater than in the rest of the history of our planet.

To explain the causes of this explosion of biodiversity and complexity, the evolutionist Susumu Ohno refers to the confluence of two factors: changes in the environment and the appearance of a group of genes that provided new functionality to the living organisms. Because of the advantages conferred by these new genes, they were rapidly incorporated by a variety of organisms (The notion of the Cambrian pananimalia genome, S. Ohno).

Today, the confluence of technological and scientific development and changes in the environment mean we are immersed in a new "Biological Big Bang" period, of a size probably greater than the Cambrian. This will lead to a conceptual change of what life is and how
it is managed, that will evolve towards more sustainable, rational and predictive models.

In this context, the mission of CAMBRICO BIOTECH the development of new technologies, products and services based on genomic and molecular biology technologies in the broadest sense. To achieve this, Cambrico Biotech works to identify new biomarkers and genes for use in processes of assisted improvement, diagnosis and therapy. This is all encompassed within a set of values based on four elements: added value for the customer, cooperation as a business model, universalization of the technologies developed and the search for social improvements as the ultimate goal of our activity.

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